Travel to Portugal with protection from COVID-19

Stay safe with our travel insurance!
Travel to Portugal with the tranquility of a complete travel insurance and updated to the new reality of the pandemic caused by Covid-19.

Prevent unforeseen events related to COVID-19 with our travel insurance, including refunds for flight cancellation or interruption.

What we guarantee

Unlimited access to a tourist assistance service.

Complete coverage for unforeseen situations.

Travel safely and with security.

Unlimited access to a tourist assistance service

● Medical advice
● Online medical consultation
● Information about hospitals, clinics and doctors best suited to the situation
● Sending a doctor to the hotel or tourist resort
● Urgent shipping of medicines
● Sanitary transportation of the wounded and sick to the nearest hospital
● Repatriation to the point of origin when in a terminal state or similar
● Assistance for luggage theft in Portugal

Complete coverage for unforeseen situations* 

● Medical, Surgical, Pharmaceutical and Hospital Expenses in Portugal
● Repatriation to the point of origin or in the event of the death of the insured person
● Follow-up in case of hospitalization, with transportation and accommodation
● Children care
● Return ticket in case of illness and accident covered
● Hotel staying extensions
● Assistance for theft of identification documents in Portugal

*We recommend reading Terms&Conditions

Travel safely and with security

Travel to Madeira with the tranquility of a complete travel insurance and updated to the new reality of the pandemic caused by Covid-19.

Travel to Portugal with the tranquility of a complete travel insurance and updated to the new reality of the pandemic caused by Covid-19.

Travel Insurance

Includes refund for travel interruption and cancelation.

Up to 10 days

  • Total price per person.

11 to 15 days

€  54.20  
  • Total price per person.

16 to 30 days

  • Total price per person.

31 to 60 days

  • Total price per person.

61 to 90 days

  • Total price per person.

Travel Insurance - Premium

With capital of 30.000€.

Up to 10 days

  • Total price per person.

11 to 15 days

€  119.70  
  • Total price per person.

16 to 30 days

  • Total price per person.

31 to 60 days

  • Total price per person.

61 to 90 days

  • Total price per person.

91 to 180 days

  • Total price per person.

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- Medical information
- Sending a doctor to the hotel or tourist resort
- Online medical consultation
- Medical advice to the hotel or tourist resort
- Medical, surgical, pharmaceutical and hospital expenses in Portugal
- Ambulance and rescue services to the nearest hospital
- Repatriation to the place origin
- Repatriation to the place origin when in terminal stage or similar
- Accompaniment of hospitalized insured person
- Return ticket and stay for a family member
- Hotel stay extension
- Children Charges
- Transportation or repatriation of deceased insured person
- Urgent shipping of medication
- Theft or robbery of luggage assistance in Portugal
- Theft or robbery of identification documents assistance in Portugal
- Pandemic, exclusively if the coverage is activated as a result of an event derived from Covid-19
- Insurance Capital: Established in the general insurance conditions of the Policy, provided by the insurer.

- Action or omission by the Insured Person due to the use of alcohol or alcoholic beverages that determines a blood alcohol level greater than 0,5 grams per litre and / or use of narcotics outside a medical prescription, or when unable to control their actions
- Accidents that originated in attacks of madness and epilepsy
- Purely psychic effects and brain or cardiac disorders resulting from the sole fact of the means of transport used, regardless of any accident
- Criminal acts, serious negligence and any intentional acts by the Insured Person, such as suicide or suicide attempt by Insured Person, including reckless acts, best and challenges
- Criminal acts, serious negligence and any intentional acts by the beneficiary against the Insured Person, in the beneficiary’s parts of the benefit
- Accident caused by deliberate violation of traffic regulations to be observed at the piers, stations or airports and their surroundings
- Hemias of any nature, varicose veins and their complications, lumbago, muscle ruptures or strains
- Prostheses and / or orthotics implantation or repair
- Accident or events that produce only psychic effects
- Diseases of any nature, which will only be covered when proved, by unequivocal and indisputable medical diagnosis, that they are direct consequence of a covered accident
- The following conditions will not be covered under any circumstances, acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS), heart attack not caused by external physical trauma and actions or interventions taken by the Insured Person on himself / herself
- Medical, pharmaceutical, surgical and hospitalization expenses abroad, regardless of whether they are incurred as a result of an accident or illness in Portugal
- Injuries that already existed before the trip started
- Accidents resulting from a disease pathological condition existing before the star of the trip as well as injuries resulting from surgical interventions or other medical acts not motivated by an accident covered by contrat
- Suicide or suicide attempt by the Insured Person on himself / herself
- Malicious, criminal or contrary to public order acts of which the Policyholder or the Insured Person are material or intellectual authors or accomplices of such acts
- Actions or interventions by Insured Person due to the use of narcotic drugs, without medical prescription, or alcoholic beverages that result in a blood alcohol level equal or greater than what is stipulated as misdemeanour or crime in the case of driving under the influence of alcohol
- Prostheses and / or orthotics implantation or repair, dental expenses, walking sticks and similar ones,except orthopedic prostheses implantation considered clinically necessary as a result of the accident
- Accident resulting from professional or amateur federated sports practice and respective training as well as the practice of “special” sports such as mountaineering, boxing, karate and other martial arts, bullfighting, parachuting, paragliding, hang gliding, all sports designated as radicals, speleology, fishing and spearfishing, winter sports, any sports involving motor vehicles (2-wheel or other) powerboating and other similar sports in theirs dangerousness
- Accidents resulting from the use of two-wheeled motor vehicles or quad bikes by the insured person
- Births and complications due to the state of pregnancy, unless unpredictable and occurred during the first six months
- Um and expenses for burial or funeral ceremony
- Situations resulting from natural disasters, such as cyclones winds, volcanic ash, earthquakes, tsunamis, other similar phenomena in their effects and even lightning’s
- Assaults, strikes, labour disturbances, riots and any other changes in public order, rebellions, acts of terrorism and sabotage or insurrection
- Revolution, civil war, invasion and war declared, or not, against a foreign country, hostilities between foreign nations, whether war is declared or not,and warlike acts arising directly from such hostilities
- Accidents resulting from the Insured Person’s use of aircraft or vessels not belonging to commercial lines or carries
- Situations resulting from explosion or any other phenomena directly or indirectly related to the disintegration or nuclear fusion, as well as the effects of radioactive contamination
- Spa or beach treatment ad, in general, change of scenery or rest cures, as well as aesthetic treatments
- Expenses for preventive medicine, vaccines or similar, including medical fees Rehabilitation and physiotherapy expenses incurred without the prior agreement of the Assistance Insurer through the Medical Assistance services team
- Medical expenses incurred in relation to treatments initiated in the country of residence or nationality
- Expenses resulting from pre-existing illness whether know by the Insured Person or not
- Epidemics and Pandemics (except Covid-19)

- The insurance is valid only when informed to the Insurer and all obligations in the event of a claim have been respected
- In the guarantee of Medical Expenses, an excess may be paid by the Insured Person, stipulated in the Special Conditions

- Our insurance is valid for trips to Madeira Archipelago and / or the Azores Archipelago and / or Mainland Portugal.

- Immediately communicate to the Insurer through the telephone line (+ 351 210 425 1619)
- If you choose to communicate in writing it must be made within 5 days immediately after its occurrence to the insurer for assistance services: RNA Seguros de Assistência, S.A., Alameda Fernão Lopes, 16, 6º Miraflores, 1495-190 Algés
- In the event of a claim guaranteed by this policy, which results in the need to carry out treatments in national territory and the claimant chooses to request for reimbursement, it must be done in writing and the original receipts of the amounts spent must be presented, in accordance with the limits set for the guarantee
- Submit, within the following 24 hours, a complaint to the local customs and police authorities of theft or robbery of which they are victims
- Make all reservations or complains in a specific document,when receiving the luggage, to the company in charge of transport, in case of disappearance or damage during transportation
- Take all steps possible to avoid or reduce losses

- The premium or initial instalment is due on the date the contract is celebrated

- Our travel insurance covers events related to COVID-19, as well as other medical issues.

- No, the insurance does not cover pre-existing medical conditions.

- No, there are no age limits for this travel insurance.

- Early trip cancellation is foreseen only due to a positive PCR test for COVID-19, within 30 days prior to the start of the trip.
- The cancellation is not foreseen due to the closure of borders, lockdown, flight cancellation, imposed quarantine, or others.

- Standard plan has a capital of 7,500.00€ for Medical, Surgical, Pharmaceutical and Hospital Expenses in Portugal, while Premium has a capital of 30,000.00 €.

- To get a quote and to apply to our travel insurance you need to fill in the form on our website ( You’ll be asked to insert the start and end date of your trip, destination (mainland Portugal, Azores or Madeira Islands), name and date of birth of each person travelling.

- Yes, each person should have their own insurance in order to be covered.

- In the event of a claim, you should contact the travel assistance line on +351 210 425 167
- Complaints to be submitted to the Insurer must be accompanied by all documents justifying the damages claimed and information regarding the cause of the claim.
- In the event of theft, for the Insured Person to have the right to compensation, a document proving the notification made to the police authorities of the place of occurrence must be presented.

- Yes, the insurance will still cover you, even if your government advise you not to travel to Portugal.

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